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01.- Zorongo
02.- Gonzales
03.- Big boy
04.- Because they are young
05.- The stranger
06.- Peace pipe
07.- Genie with the light brown lamp( Joaquin Torres lead guitar).
08.- AinĀ“t not sunshine.(Paulino Gutierrez lead guitar)
09.- Tales of a raggy tramline(Pipo Villanueva lead guitar)
10.- Fly me to the moon(Fernando Villanueva lead guitar)
11.- Kon Tiki(Alberto Nuevo bass guitar)
12.- Wheels(Javier Navarro lead guitar)
13.- Rebel rouser
14.- Theme from boys(Eduardo bartrina lead guitar)
15.- The miracle(Pablo Herrero,keyboards)
16.- The duck swamp
17.- How deep is you love(Antonio Reyes lead guitar)
18.- The wild roses
19.- The windmills of your mind
20.- Foot tapper
21.- The third man(Pipo Villanueva lead guitar)
22.- Lovers guitar
23.- Sun city(Pablo Herrero keyboards)
24.- Midnight eyes(Jose Luis Armenteros lead guitar)
25.- Theme for young lovers(Jose Luis Armenteros,lead guitar)

Recorded in H.M.R.studios,Madrid in 2001.
Produced by Eduardo Bartrina
Los Jets line up on this recording:
Eduardo Bartrina.- Drummer
Javier Honrrubia.- Keyboards.
Michel Martinez.- Guitars
Antonio Reyes.- Bass guitar.
Plus guest starts. Javier Navarro,Pablo Herrero,Jose Luis Armenteros, Joaquin Torres, Fernando Villanueva,German Villanueva, Paulino Gutierrez,Alberto Nuevo.
This record was number 2 in the Brithis chart list during 3 weeks.

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