CD H.M.R. (20 años después)-grabado en directo
F.B.I - 36-24-36 - Todo para el Ganador - Dance on - Preguero - Sonambulo - Isabel - I love you more that I can say - Salvaje - Bossa Roo  - La Boheme - Cozy


CD H.M.R. (grabaciones inéditas)-grabado en directo
Shadoguie - Midnight - The young ones - Blue suede shoes - Quatermaster - Store - Apache - Nivram - Move it - Lesson in love - Man of Mistery - I love you - Límportance c´est lo rose


CD H.M.R.(J.E.T.S 20 años después)
Shadooguie - F.B.
I - Guitar tango - Wonderful land - Sleep walk - Baby, baby - South of the border - Dance on - The cruel sea - Cosy - This ole house.


CD H.M.R. (Vuelo rasante)
Runaway -  Vuelo rasante- Wipe out - Guitar booguie - Albatros - Last night -
I walk the line - Shadows - These boots are made for walking - California blues - Wide road to Venus - Moonlight - Another day in paradise - Time is tight  - Creep promenade - Thinking in our love.



Caja 5 CD H.M.R. (J.E.T.S 35 aniversario)

"En principio"
"En directo"
"1991 Flying over"
"1994  Flying high"

1 CD En principio
Zorongo - Solo por ti - Serenata huasteca - Guitarra enamorada - Dimelo tu - Me comprendes amor - Ya no quiero tu amor - Maria de la 0 - Luna - Shake baby shake - La luz - Un poquito de mi - Sleep walk - A summer place - Pipeline - Luna de España - Hilo de seda - Who-Who - Don Quijote - Maria Latina - Bufallo Bill - Liberty Park - Cricket bat booguie - Spanihs Harlem - Barroque.


2 CD 1960-1965
Molly Ho - Rocking goose - High voltage - Sand storm - Beatnick fly - Red river rock - Reveally rock - You are my sunshine - Time bomb - The hep canary - Blood preasure - La rubia - La morena - South Montsie road - Walk of life - Turtle soup - Over the rainbow - Every breath you take - Last fly - I just call to say I love you - Raiders in the sky - String along - Route 17.


3 CD En directo
- F.B.I. -  Guitar tango - Wonderful land - Sleep walk - Baby baby - South of the border - Dance on - The cruel sea - Cosy - This ole house - Nivram - Isabelle - Move it - Bossa roo - Guitar tango - Leasson in love - Blue suede shoes - La Boheme - Man of mistery - Cosy - 36-24-36 - The winner takes it all - Dance on.


4 CD 1991 Flying over
Runaway - Flying over - Wipe out - Guitar booguie - Albatros
- Last night - I walk the line - Shadows - These boots are made for walking - California blues - Wide road to Venus - Moonlight - Another day in Paradise - Time is tight - Thinking in our love - Creep promenade - Midnight eyes - Last fly - Shadows -  Walk dont run - Blue Star.


5 CD 1994  Flying high
- Ventures - Autum rain - Green onions - A summer place - Cherokee - Shadows mix - Soul limbo - Strangers on the shore - Flying high - Perfidia - Find me a golden street - Telstar - 007 - Hurricane mix - Blue star  - Zorongo gitano - Pop mix 1 - Pop mix 2 - I just cant help beliving -  Wear my ring around your neck - Tutty frutty - Estremecete - All I have to do is dream - Reflections of a life time - Jada.


CD H.M.R. (J.E.T.S Flying high)
Boabdill - Ventures - Autum rain - Green onions - A summer place - Cherokee - Shadows mix - Soul limbo - Stranger on the shore - Flying high - Perfidia - Find me a golden street Telstar.


CD H.M.R. (J.E.T.S Rarezas)
Please Mr.Please
- Reflections of a life time - Zorongo - Zorongo - Good morgning Captain Hook - Old drummer boy - All I have to do is dream-Terciopelo y fuego - Quatermaster stores - Wear my ring around your neck - F.B.I. - Sonambulo - I love you more than I can say - Salvaje - Los Gitanos - Preguero - Shadooguie  - Midnight -The young ones - Quatermaster stores - Apache - I love you - La importance cets la rose - Temptation.


CD H.M.R (J.E.T.S Lo mejor de..)
Vuelo rasante - 007 - Pipeline - Donna - Shadows mix - Begin the beguine - Thinking in our love - Serenata huasteca - Hurricane mix - Time is tight - Teistar - Dimelo tu -  Walk don
´t run  - Autum rain - Find me a golden street - Pop mix - A summer place - Albatros - Guitarra enamorada -  Ultimo vuelo.


CD H.M.R. (J. E duardo. T. S antiago mano a mano)
Pipeline - Donna - Guitarra enamorada - Beguine the beguine - Nana para niños perdidos -  Dimelo tu - Serenata huasteca - Foot tapper - Driffiing - Diamonds.


CD H.M.R. (Los Jets are back)
La plaga - The young ones - Apache - Ma vie - Estremecete - Avec une poigne de terre - Wonderful land - Quien - Living doll - Telstar - Je t'attends - Peter gun.


CD H.M.R. (El innolvidable Show de Los Jets) En vivo.
Apache - The young ones - Avec une poigne de terre - Andalucia - Living doll -  Blue suede shoes - F.B.I. - Ma vie - Estremécete - Sleep walk - Move it - Quien - Do you wanna dance - Shadoogie - La plaga - Je t'attends - Wonderful land - Rogare - Hasta luego cocodrilo - Et maintenant - Telstar.

CD H.M.R. (A Tribute to The Shadows)

Time is tight - Pipeline - Drifting - Diamonds - Apache(Inedita toma alternativa) - Wonderful Land - Telstar - Perfidia - Find me a golden street - Shadows mix - F.B.I - Thinkin in our love - Guitar Tango - Andalucia - Shadooguie - Blue Star

CD H.M.R. (A Tribute to Johnny & The Hurricanes)

Molly Ho - Rocking Goose - High Voltage - Sand Storm - Beatnick Fly - Red River Rock - Reveille Rock - You Are My Sunshine - Time Bomb - The Hep Canary - Blood Preasure - Jada

CD H.M.R. ( A Pepe Pica)

Sleepwalk - Shadoguie - F.B.I. - Zorongo - Cosy - Bossa Roo - South of the border - This ole house - Nivram - Dance on - 36-24-36 - Man of mistery


CD H.M.R. (A Live Tribute to The Shadows)

F.B.I. - Wonderfull land - Bossa Roo - Sleepwalk - The savage - Shadooguie - The winner takes it all - Midnight - Quatermaster store - South of the border - Apache - Cosy - Man of mistery- Nivram- 36-24-36

CD H.M.R. ( The Best of Los Jets Vol. II)

Runaway . Wipe out - Guitar Booguie - Albatros - California Blues - Boadill - Ventures -Green Onions - Cherokee - Soul limbo - Apache - Wonderfull Land - Telstar - Peter Gun - Sand storm - The heep canary


CD H.M.R.( A singing Collection)

Donna - Dimelo tu - La Plaga - Je t´attends - Shake baby, shake - Me comprendes amor - Serenata Huasteca - The young ones(Inedita toma alternativa) - Estremecete - Avec une poigne de terre - Ya no quiero tu amor - Living doll - Luna- Ma vie - Solo por ti - María de la O - La Luz - Quien(Inedita toma alternativa) - Hasta luego Cocodrilo - Un poquito de mi

CD H.M.R.(Love Songs)

Donna - Autum Rain - A Summer Place - Lover Guitar - Quien - Stranger in the Shore - Albatros - Wonderfull Land - Ma vie - Shadows - Moonlight - Blue Star - Dimelo Tu - Only the Lonley


CD H.M.R (Live in London)

Time is Tight - Walkin don´t run - Guitarra enamorada - Apache - Atlantis - Walkin - The stranger - Kon/Tiki - Wonderful land - Dance on - Zorongo - Shadogie


CD H.M.R 037 (Double CD/cdrom with photos)
Zorongo-Gonzalez-Big boy-Because they are young-The stranger-Peace pipe-Genie with the Light brown lamp-Ain´t no sunshine-Tales of a raggy tramline-Fly me to the moon-Kon-Tiki-Wheels-Rebel rouser-Theme from Boys-The miracle-The duck swamp-How deep is your love-The wild roses-The windmills of your mind-Foot tapper-The third man-Guitarra enamorada-Sun city-Midnight eyes.
CD Ramalama RO 52122 (Double CD)
Zorongo-Solo por ti-Serenata Huasteca-Susana tu lo sabes-Guitarra enamorada-Dimelo tu-Me comprendes amor-Ya no quiero tu amor-Maria de la O-La luz-Shake baby shake-Luna-Andalucía-South of the border-Guitar tango-Quien-Find me a golden street-Ma vie-Thinking of our love-Avec une poignee de terre-Telstar-Beguine the beguin-Perfidia-La plaga-A summer place-Time is tight-Estremecete-Soul limbo-Stranger on the shore-Autum rain-Je táttends-Boabdil-The young ones-Albatros-Bossa roo-The cruel sea-Ultimo Vuelo-Only the lonely-Donna.

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CD H.M.R 041 (Spanish Blood)
Don Quijote-Los 4 muleros-Los Campanilleros-Tanguillos de Cádiz-Sombras y rejas-Dos cruces-Andalucía-Luna de España-Spanish lace-Maria Dolores-El vito-Maria de la O-Limosna de amores-Jezabel-Seguidillas-Lady of Spain.

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CD H.M.R 044 (Made in Spain)
Ritual fire dance-El arlequín de Toledo-Malagueña-Gipsy moon-For a few dollars more-Have you ever really loved a woman-La Virgen de la Macarena-Sevilla-A fist full of dollars-Aranjuez 2º movement-The dance of the bufón-Spanish serenade-Brazo de gitano-Poncho-Maria Latina-Las lagarteranas-Guadalajara-The lonely bull.

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CD H.M.R 043(The Essential)
Zorongo-Andalucia-El vito-Don Quijote-Guitarra enamorada-Gonzalez-Apache-The savage-Wonderful land-Chariot-Strangers on the shore-Telstar-Theme from a summer place-Jezabel-Drifting´-Diamonds-Moon light-Thinking of our love-Shadows-Soul limbo-Autum rain-Boabdil-Mountains of the moon-Walk don´t run.

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CD H.M.R 045 (40N-3W)
El barco del amor-Splash-Waiting for the train-The valiant-The flight of the bumble bee-Ram-bunk-shush-Surf samba-Bombora-voyage around the moon-The knights of Madrid-Honky tonk-So what-husky team-Under the double eagle.

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CD H.M.R 046 (Live in Germany with Brian Licorice Locking)
Gonzalez-Genie with the light brown lamp-Sombras y rejas-Zorongo-Guitarra enamorada-Guitar tango-El vito-Los 4 muleros-Don Quixote-El arlequín de Toledeo-poncho-Guadalajara-Zambezi-Dakota-Jezabel-Andalucia-F.B.I.

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CD H.M.R 047 (Latin Breeze)
Amapola-South of the border-Desafinado-Point of view-Magic is the moonlight-El Choclo-Reptile-Brazil-Besame mucho-Cerezo rosa-Breeze-Cielito lindo.

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CD H.M.R 050 (Los Jets 50th Anniversary)

Double CD and DVD
(with guests, Brian Licorice Locking, Indra Raj, Jimmy Torres,Paco Laguna, Manolo Garrido): Calavera-The millionaire-Take five-Buda’s-Space ship rendevouz-Polaris-Partisanos-Zero-Venus-Voodoo woman-IT´S not unusual-Maggie May-Get it on-Never my love-Zorongo 08-On golden wings-To be, to need, to have-Luna.

CD H.M.R 051(Los Jets Greatest Hits)

The flight of the bumble bee, Ram-Bunk-Shush, The knights of Madrid, Tales of a raggy tramline, The third man, Wheels, Sombras y rejas, Lady of Spain, Spanish lace, Aranjuez 2º movement, A fist full of Dollars, Have you ever really loved a woman.

CD H.M.R 049 (The Jazzy side of Los Jets)

The windmills of your mind, Reptile, Breeze, Point of view, Desafinado, So What, Ain´t no sunshine, Fly me to the moon, Bossa Roo, Nivram, Autum rain, Stranger on the Shore.


CD H.M.R 048 (Los Jets in London)

Sombras y rejas, Gonzalez, Genie with the brown light lamp, Guitar tango, Zorongo, Guitarra enamorada, Foot tapper, 36-24-36, Thinking in our love, Los cuatro muleros, The stranger, Don Quixote, El arlequin de Toledo, Poncho, Luna gitana, Ritual fire dance, F.B.I., Jezzabel, Andalucia

CD H.M.R 052 (The Best of the Spanish Trilogy)

Los cuatro muleros, Maria de la O, Tanguillos de Cadiz, The Breeze and I, Ritual Fire Dance, Malagueña, Spanish Serenade, Sevilla, South of the Border, Amapola, Besame mucho, Magic is the Moonlight

CD H.M.R 053 (Los Jets flying on hits) Out in Feb 09

These boots are made for, A summer place, Perfidia, Wheels, Aranjuez 2º-movement, Besame mucho, Spanish lace, The lonely bull, Begin the beguine, Rebel rouser

CD H.M.R 062 (Christmas in July ) Out in Nov 08

Happy Christmas war is over, Silent night, Holy night, Winter wonderland, Sleight ride, Jingle bells rock, Little drummer boy, Saviour´s day, When a child is born, Feliz navidad.

CD H.M.R 054 (Los Jets and friends)Out in Feb 09

Jimmy Torres, Javier Navarro, Indra, Brian Locking, Pablo Herrero, Jose Luis Armenteros, Paulino Gutierrez, Manolo Garrido, Alberto Nuevo, Fernando Villanueva, Joaquin Torres, Paco Laguna
Voddo woman, Genie with the light brown lamp, Sun city, To need, to want, and not to have, Midnight eyes, Reptile, Kon-tiki, On golden wings, Ain´t not sunshine, Wheels, Fly me to the moon, Luna, Never my love, Breeze

CD H.M.R 055(Los Jets Golden Hits)Out in Feb 09

Zorongo 08, Take five, Maggie May, Bombora, Malagueña, Sombras y rejas, Another day in paradise, California blues, Ranaway, Wipe out, I walk the line,Albatros, The cruel sea, This old house, Sand storm

CD H.M.R 056(Los Jets playing the Standards)Out in Feb 09

007, Over the raimbow, Walk of life, I just call to say I love you, Riders in the sky, String a long, Sleep walk, A summer place, Pipeline, Cricket bat booguie, Spanish Harlem, Jelous guy

CD H.M.R 054 (The keyboard side of Los Jets)Out in Feb 09

Time is tight, Telstar, Luna de España, Last night, The miracle, Green onions, Soul limbo, Because they are young, Jada, The heep canary, Red river rock
CD H.M.R 059 (Riding the wave) Out in Feb 09

The flight bof the bumble-bee, Bombora, Partisans, Vodoo Woman, Voyage around the moon, Duck swamp, El barco del amor, El Choclo, So what, A fist full of dollars.
CD H.M.R 063 (The vocal side of Los Jets) Out in Feb 09

The young ones, La plaga, Serenata Huasteca, Ma vie, Avec one poignee de terre, Dimelo tu, Estremecete, Me comprendes amor, Quien, Living doll, La luz, Luna.


CD H.M.R 060(MATADOR) Out in Feb 09

Don Quijote, Los Campanilleros, Luna de España, El Arlequin de Toledo, La Virgen de la Macarena, Seguidillas, Maria de la O, El Vito, Maria Dolores, Las Lagarteranas, Guadalajara, Brazo de gitano, Dos cruces, Limosna de amores, Tanguillos de Cadiz, Sevilla.

CD H.M.R 077(Los Jets Final Concert)

The fantastic CD from the final concert of Los Jets in Madrid, at El Palacio de Congresos, with Brian"Licorice"Locking as especial guest.

LOS JETS line up in this recording
Eduardo Bartrina.- (Drums) Javier Honrrubia .-(Keyboards) Michel Martinez .-(Lead guitar) Antonio Reyes .- (Bass guitar) German Villanueva .-(Rhythm guitar)
Los Jets play.
Los 4 muleros, El Arlequin de Toledo,
Time is tight, The flying of the bumble bee, Nivram, Stand up and say that, Luna, Dakota, Blue shadows, Apache, Guitar tango, Ram-bunk-shush, Lovers guitar, Zorongo, Amapola, The breeze and I, Nut rocker, Honky tonk, Sombras y rejas


shadows CD H.M.R 075(The Shadows of Los Jets) Out in Feb 09

Disc.-1 Gonzalez, Mountains of the moon, The stranger, The breeze and I, Thinking in our love, Apache, Ain´t not sunshine, Foot tapper, Big boy, Telstar, Diamonds, Kon-Tiki, Perfidia, Fly me to the moon, Find me a golden street, Runaway, Dakota, The lonely bull, Take five, Zambezi

Genie with the brown light lamp, Drifftin´, Pipeline, The windmills of your mind, The third man, The wild roses, Peace pipe, South of the border, Wonderful land, Blue star, The miracle, Theme from boys, Tales of a raggy tramline, Shadows mix, Time is tight, Theme for young lovers, Thunderball, Rodrigo´s concerto, Brazil, How deep is your love

CD H.M.R 083(The Spanish Legend)

A fantastic double album with 48 tracks of Spanish flamenco rock as only Los Jets can do it.

Amapola, Andalucia (The breeze and I), Aranjuez, Bésame mucho, Boadhill, Brazil, Brazo de gitano, Calavera, Cerezo rosa, Cielito linda, Dama de España, Desafinado, Don Quijote, Dos cruces, El arlequin de Toledo, El baile del bufon, El choclo, El vito, For a few dollars more, Guadalajara, Jezabel, La danza ritual del fuego, La Virgen de la Macarena, Las Lagarteranas

Los 4 muleros, Los campanilleros, Limosna de amores, Luna de España, Luna gitana, Magic is the moonlight, Malagueña, Mantilla española (Spanish lace), Maria de la O, Maria Dolores, Maria latina, Perfidia, Poncho, Serenata española, Seguidilla, Sevilla, Sombras y rejas, Southt of the border, Tanguillos de Cadiz, The knights of Madrid, The lonely bull, The valiant, Zorongo gitano, Zorongo 08

CD H.M.R 056(Rien Ne Va Plus)

This is the last CD officially recorded by Los Jets in a studio.
Only 3.000 copies has been made, so hurryt up if you wanna have the last album in the history of Los Jets
01- Pipeline convention theme
02.- Northern higlands
03.- Raunchy 
04.- Midnight wind
05.- If you leave me now
06.- Black horse
07.- Mistic wine
08.- Dandruff and flat feet
09.- Claire 
10.- Calcutta


de Los Jets (VHS & DVD)

Video  (JETS Alive)


Video  (JETS Concert in Alicante)

Video (Los Jets - Alicante 2001)
Concierto en el Castillo de Santa Bárbara

DVD Two Concerts Los Jets
Live in London - Live in Spain

DVD Los Jets
Live in London´s Conway Hall

DVD Two Concerts Los Jets
Live in Tilburg Holland - Live in Zaragoza Spain

DVD Los Jets Live in Spain

DVD Los Jets Live in Germany

DVD Los Jets The Dutch TV Show
DVD Los Jets Final Concert



CD H.M.R.S.CD 001

Zorongo - Solo por ti - Serenata Huasteca - Susana tu no sabes

CD H.M.R.S.CD 002

Guitarra Enamorada - Dimelo tu - Me comprendes amor - Ya no quiero tu amor

CD H.M.R.S CD 003

Maria de la O - Luna - Shake baby shake - La luz

CD H.M.R (Los 4 JETS)
Zorongo - Solo por ti - Serenata Huasteca - Susana tu no sabes - Guitarra enamorada - Dimelo tu - Me comprendes amor - Ya no quiero tu amor - Maria de la O - Luna - Shake baby shake - La luz.


CD H.M.R. (Los 4 JETS)
Zorongo - Solo por ti - Serenata Huasteca - Susana tu no sabes - Guitarra enamorada - Dimelo tu - Me comprendes amor - Ya no quiero tu amor - Maria de la O - Luna - Shake baby shake - La luz-Un Poquito de mi - Sleep walk - A summer place - Pipeline - Luna de España - Hilo de seda - Who-Who - Don Quijote - Maria Latina - Bufalo Bill - Liberty Park
- Cricket bat booguie - Spanish Harlem - Barroque.

carpetacd9.jpg (61165 bytes)

CD H.M.R. Eduardo Bartrina (Forever Young)
Don´t worry is happy-Forever young-This is love-A groovy kind of love-Locomotion-Only the lonely-Caribe-Wildnest dream-Lenny´s back rock-Blue star-Everywhere-Africa-Hey Mac.

cd2_.jpg (47432 bytes)

2 CD H.M.R.  Los Rangers (Los Rangers Hoy / Grabaciones Inéditas)
Raunchy-Calcutta-I only want to be with you-Apache-More-Perfidia-Telstar-Pretty blue eyes-Northern highlands-Geronimo-Venue-Summer place-This boy-Take five-Maria Elena-Jambalaya-La mer-Diamonds-Call me-Potpourri(Put your head on my shoulder,Legata di un granello di sabia.Blue moon, She boom, she boom,Stromy weather,Perfidia.

CD Shadess Music R1274 (Double Mini CD and DVD)
(with Brian Licorice Locking, Eduardo Bartrina, and Indra Raj) CD-Introduction-Dakota-Stranger on the shore-Blue shadows-Dance on. DVD-Dakota-Stranger on the shore-Dance on.
CD H.M.R. 041 (Rudolph and the Reindeers)
( with Eduardo Bartrina and Javier Honrubia) Winter wonderland-Run, run, Rudolph-Jingle bells-Have yourself a merry little Christmas-Rocking around the Christmas tree-Jingle bells rock.
Double CD H.M.R. 042 Composer (Various Artists Tunes Composed and produced by Eduardo)

Latin Shadows
1.- This ole house, 2.- Wonderful land, 3.- Spanish eyes, 4.- Perfidia, 5.- Spring is nearly here, 6.- Something stupid, 7.- Atlantis, 8.- Maria Elena, 9.- The breeze and I, 10,. Jambalaya

Plan "B"
La cucaracha, Wipe out, Penetration, Havah Nagila, Moon tides, More, Suspicion, Caravan, Whoo-hoo, Torquay, Tequila, Sand storm, Percolator